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Published by Rob Lawnsby on Thursday, 1st January 2015 - 8:13PM


 SailTime is often a stepping stone to get a sailing novice to become an accomplished, seasoned sailor. Many folks who inquire about SailTime have inadequate skills to take the boat out at first. We are equipped to deal with that situation. We will take your sailing skills (and in some cases no skills) and give you the training you need to bring you to where you are comfortable in taking out the boat...and so we are comfortable with you taking it out as well! Let me mention most member's biggest concern usually comes from docking. We have an instructor work one-on-one with EVERY member docking again, and again, and again until we are all comfortable with docking. We have yet to have an insurance claim because of a docking problem, and that is because we focus on it so much.

First we would assess your skills, and determine what training is needed. We require SailTime members to be at a level equal to our Intermediate Cruising course (ASA 104), also known as the Bareboat Certification course. As your skills increase you would be granted increasing levels of sailing privilege. Each member that needs training will have a custom plan depending on skills and the individual goals that brought them to SailTime in the first place. 

We assume everyone will need docking instruction! This is the weakest area for most folks, and also the area that has the biggest potential for an insurance claim. You and your spouse will both get our advanced docking class at no additional charge. Then you will get private instruction until both you and us are pleased with your skills. We have yet to have an insurance claim with our SailTime boats as our training is very thorough!

A common scenario is where someone knows how to sail, but does not have experience with a larger boat or inboard engine. In that case we would “challenge” the ASA 101 Basic Sailing course and get that qualification, and take ASA 103 Basic Cruising. Upon completion of that 103 course the member could take the boat out in average winds and start gaining experience. Once the ASA 104 Intermediate Cruising course was completed, that member would have unrestricted use of the boat.

Another common scenario is where a member does have some experience sailing and docking, but has concerns about sailing a bigger boat than they are used to. In this case we would “challenge” Basic Sailing and Basic Cruising, and take the 104 Intermediate Cruising course, getting them comfortable with a larger boat.

The SailTime system is designed to take you from where you are, bring you to a competent, confident level; and give you a boat to use for the season to gain experience.

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