Why Choose SailTime RI

SailTime is where one person owns a boat, and shares it with a half-dozen other folks; one season at a time.

In a seasonal base like Rhode Island, each of the half-dozen members pays a single annual fee, and gets a certain amount of “sailtimes” per month, for a six month season.

The SailTime Concept

What is SailTime? Is it for me?

SailTime is often a stepping stone to get a sailing novice to become an accomplished, seasoned sailor.

SailTime vs. Chartering vs. Ownership

  • No Maintenance
  • No Slip Fees
  • No Worries
  • Over 150 Boats in the best harbors around the world!

    Skills needed to join SailTime

    to become an accomplished, seasoned sailor.

    We will take your sailing skills (and in some cases no skills) and give you the training you need

    Start your sail on beautiful Narragansett Bay

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